Participation Requirements In Chevron Bids

Chevron-Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC) is actively working to promote local content. This page contains the active and past bids, allowing suppliers a greater visibility of the available business opportunities. To participate, you must register as a supplier:

Note: Participate only if you provide products and / or services of one of the categories of the active bids.

1. Fill out the Supplier Form in capital letters. Print, sign and scan. 

2. Attach the copy of the following documents:

- Diário da República
- Certidão de Registo Comercial
- Cartão de Contribuinte Fiscal
- Alvará Comercial
- ANPG Registration Certificate

3. Add the company's letter of presentation and the forms requested above to the e-mail, mentioning the contest number in which you want to participate.

Your data will be analyzed and if you meet the above requirements, you will be contacted.

We inform that local suppliers (owned 100% by Angolan companies, or legally incorporated and registered office in Angola) are given priority, in compliance with Decree 86/18 of 2 April 2018 and Decree 271/20 of 20 October 2020. We suggest sending emails with attachments smaller than 2MB, to avoid difficulties in receiving them.

You can find complementary information and business opportunities on our website. For more information, contact us:

RFBA-245-INFRA Provision of Management of the cafeteria (canteen) at CABGOC's main facility in Luanda (Chicala premises) 23.02.2024
RFBA-246-PROD-OPS Provision of Non- Destructive Testing (“NDT”) and Inspection Services for company onshore and offshore facilities within the Area of Operations 23.02.2024
RFBA-247-SS Provision of qualified medical personnel including but not limited to Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory technicians, Medical Specialists (Physiotherapists etc ) 01.03.2024
RFBA-248-SS Provision of medical diagnostic services in Luanda 01.03.2024
RFBA-249-FE Provision of General Mechanical Construction and Fabrication services 23.02.2024
Provision of IT Equipment and Services 23.02.2024 
RFBA-251-WELLS Provision, installation, and maintenance of surface wellhead systems and trees and related Services 23.02.2024
Provision of services for Inline Inspection/Intelligent Pigging to support campaigns of pipeline integrity management and flow assurance program 23.02.2024
Provision of Painting and Coating Services 23.02.2024
Provision of full package services to support CABGOC special events including the venue, decoration and catering. 01.03.2024
Provision of Multi- Service Vessel (MSV) with Integrated Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Services to support Company's operations. 02.03.2024
Provision of aspects of supplying suitable equipment to install/drive offshore piles and grout below the mud line in Malongo, Cabinda, Angola. 02.03.2024
Provision of telecommunication circuits according to bandwidth capacity and reliable and high- speed internet services. 07.03.2024
Provision of qualified professional to effectively organize CABGOC events by providing high- Tech for audio and visual, videoconference or Tele conference, technical support and participate in the construction of scenarios for the events. 07.03.2024