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Welcome to the Chevron–Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited Supply Chain Management (SCM) website, where you will find up-to-date information for energy industry suppliers on our business in Angola.

Chevron’s worldwide operations require the procurement of goods and services from suppliers and contractors ranging from large multinational corporations to locally based businesses. In Angola, we will strengthen our supply chain through the development of locally owned suppliers and contractors who demonstrate the capabilities to reliably deliver cost competitive, high-quality materials and services.

The SCM function partners with operations, services and project groups to strategically leverage and manage our procurement activities with a focus on safety, the environment, reliability, quality, performance and overall value.

what do we look for?

Companies that provide goods and services used by Chevron must demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Excellent safety and environmental record – Chevron is committed to health, environmental and safety (HES) leadership; only suppliers that employ sound HES practices will be selected for our supplier database;

  • Financial viability – Suppliers must be financially stable and solvent; potential suppliers must be willing to share financial records and proof of solvency;

  • Competitive pricing – Pricing provided must be competitive within the relevant international and local markets for the type of services or products;

  • Demonstrated customer focus, reliability and performance – Chevron awards business according to the best overall value which includes, in addition to competitive pricing, satisfaction with the services provided and a track record of proven reliable performance. Potential suppliers will be asked to share references from reliable business customers;

Innovative business solutions – Chevron seeks suppliers who provide new opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

local content program

Chevron’s local content objective in Angola is to develop sustainable, meaningful local content and grow our usage of Angolan-owned companies in the oil and gas sectors in which we operate. Investing in our suppliers fosters local economic growth and helps meet our business needs around the world.

In Angola, Chevron is working with the government to develop a strategy regarding the use of a local vendor database that will create competencies and develop local companies.

Our program consists of the following activities:

  • Outreach – seeking diverse suppliers through participation in various trade show events and forums;

  • Utilization – integrating local content strategies to competitive sourcing opportunities;

  • Training and education – offering training and support to qualified local businesses on how to do business with Chevron; providing links to additional helpful resources; and

  • Tracking – monitoring and reporting on our progress toward achieving our Local Content targets with emphasis on continuous improvement.

If you are a local company that is interested in learning more about how to do business with Chevron, send an email to:

supplier registration & certification

Following the Local Content Presidential Decree 271/20, issued October 20, 2020 and Instructive 6/21, issued November 4, 2021, suppliers are required to be familiar and comply with these regulations while providing goods and services to our Company. 

Our Company appreciates the good relations it enjoys with the many suppliers with whom we do business, therefore, we believe it is worthwhile to draw your attention to the importance of following the registration and certification process led by the Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis (“ANPG”) in their role as the regulator of the Local Content law. 

Please access the ANPG portal for additional information and please address any queries directly to ANPG through the official channels.

requirements for bids
Chevron-Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC) is actively working to promote local content. This page contains the active and closed bids, allowing suppliers a greater visibility of available business opportunities.

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