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Angola LNG plant

The Angola Liquefied Natural Gas (ALNG) project is one of the largest energy projects on the African continent and the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Angola. Located in Soyo and operated by Angola LNG Limited, ALNG commercializes associated natural gas produced by Chevron and other crude oil operators.

As the world’s first LNG plant supplied with associated gas, ALNG supports continued offshore oil field development. With a capacity to process 1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, the ALNG plant helps Chevron meet the global demand for abundant, cleaner-burning natural gas.

In 2016, work was completed on plant modifications and capacity and reliability enhancements; production restarted; and LNG cargos resumed. Total daily production in 2019 averaged 746 million cubic feet of natural gas (272 million net) and 30,000 barrels of liquids (11,000 net).

In November 2019, the Angola LNG shareholders entered into an agreement to form a New Gas Consortium to develop non-associated gas offshore Angola, which is expected to supply the Angola LNG plant in the future. 

In 2019, Chevron continued deployment of Advanced Process Control (APC) to enhance operations at key facilities around the world. Through the collection of real-time data, application of sophisticated optimization algorithms, and enhancement of its control capabilities, the company is delivering higher throughput and reliability worldwide. In Angola, Chevron deployed APC at the Angola LNG facility to maximize production.

In 2022, New Gas Consortium project (NGC) shareholders continued work toward developing non-associated gas in offshore Angola, which is expected to supply the Angola LNG plant. Final investment decision was announced for the Quiluma and Maboqueiro development part of NGC.

Total net daily production in 2022 averaged 210 million cubic feet of natural gas, and 8,000 barrels of liquids.

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