feature ANPG and partners announces nsinga field 1st oil – block 0

Luanda, July 15, 2020  – The National Agency for Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANPG), Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CABGOC), Sonangol E.P, Total Petroleum Angola Limited and Eni Angola Production B.V. announce the start of production of the Nsinga oil field, located in area A of the Block 0 concession, off the coast of Malongo in Cabinda Province. 

Nsinga is the first oil field in the Block 0 concession to begin production after the approval of Presidential Legislative Decree No. 6/18 of May 18, which governs incentives for the development of marginal fields. 

The Nsinga oil field is being developed through a phased intervention, in which the first wells are drilled from an existing platform. Phase 1, which begins production today, consists of four directionally drilled producing wells, which will provide additional information for the design of specific development alternatives in Phase 2. 
The wells of the Nsinga field were developed based on a new completion technology, which allows the production of reservoir fluids and enhances the reduction of sand production. 

For the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANPG, Paulino Jerónimo, "the start-up of the production of this field represents the materialization of the efforts made in the last two years by the Angolan Executive, with the active contribution of the national concessionaire. It also represents the result of the Executive's commitment to creating solutions for the balance and dynamism of the sector, namely in the creation of incentives for the exploration of marginal fields and development fields, as well as to make possible the exploration of gas in Angola, creating the necessary legislation for this purpose. With these and other decisions, the Government has managed to meet the needs of international investors and mitigate the decline in oil production, which has been increasing since 2015."

 According to Chevron's Director General in Angola, Derek Magness, "although Block 0 has more than 60 years of activity, it still contains a substantial amount of resources that can and should be exploited. In this way, with the Nsinga field, we demonstrate our continuous ability to implement innovative solutions in order to accelerate and optimize the production of Block 0, as well as the others." 

It is estimated that the production of the four Nsinga Phase 1 wells will reach 5,000 barrels of oil/day.